About Us

Hctsw was born in 2021. Founder Hubert cleverly combines British retro style with modern urban fashion rhythm in his design, creating men's clothing products that are both contemporary and classic.
In 2021, Hctsw quickly emerged in the international men's clothing market with its unique tailoring skills, selection of global high-quality natural fabrics, and almost demanding details, attracting fashionistas and aspirants from all over the world. Men's quality of life concerns.
Subsequently, in 2022, Hctsw further expanded its product line, not only adding diversified series to meet the needs of different occasions, but also actively advocating sustainable fashion, choosing environmentally friendly fabrics, reducing carbon emissions in the production process, and winning industry recognition and consumer trust.
In 2023, Hctsw will accelerate the pace of globalization. The brand cooperates with internationally renowned designers to launch a series of cross-border co-branded series to further enhance the brand image and market influence. Its innovative designs and high-quality products have won multiple fashion awards. Loved and sought after by enthusiasts and professionals alike.
In 2024, Hctsw has grown from a new brand to a force that cannot be ignored in the international men's clothing market. While maintaining product innovation and quality, Hctsw has always maintained its commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility and is committed to providing elegant, comfortable, and fashionable products to men around the world. An environmentally conscious fashion choice.